Trucking Accidents

What Are Typical Injuries Sustained In Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

Injuries in a commercial vehicle accident can vary from brain stem injuries to severe orthopedic injuries, and everything in between. When two cars collide, it’s very common to see soft tissue damage. With a vehicle that is 16 times heavier than your average car, the damage can be catastrophic. Sometimes, you even see death or permanent impairment, including being paralyzed or losing limbs.

What Evidence Is Important To Preserve And Collect In An Accident Involving 18-wheelers?

Photographs are invaluable. It is critical that you take all the photographs you can. If you can get statements from witnesses, that information is critical to preserve. Many times, a witness is stopped at the side of the road and their information doesn’t get taken down by the police officer or anyone else. If you can get their information, we can call them and talk to them afterwards.

You are not going to get any better evidence than in the moment. Photographs and statements are ideal because you will never be able to truly recreate the scene. If you’ve got a statement locked in at that moment, they are not going to be able to change it down the road.

Who Could All Be Held Liable For My 18-wheeler Trucking Accident?

There is a long list of individuals and entities that may be responsible for a trucking accident. Different companies often own different parts of the equipment. For example, one company may own the tractor and one company may own the trailer. The driver may even be contracted to a different company and the whole rig may have been dispatched by yet another company. They all can play a part, depending on what happened.

Trucking companies may attempt a quick settlement to avoid paying. Their insurance companies will likely be getting involved. They want you to sign releases, so they can pay you a little bit of money and walk away. As an attorney, it’s my job to get my clients more than enough to pay for their medical bills. Quite often, your attorney will have some medical providers that will work with you on a letter of protection while the lawsuit is pending, so you don’t have to deal with the bill collectors. Another method is clients using their own insurance.

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