Trucking Accident Compensation

How Much Compensation Can I Expect In An 18-wheeler Accident Claim?

The amount of compensation that is appropriate completely depends on damages. An individual who is hurt more will have an opportunity to get a greater settlement, generally speaking. It also depends on which county it happened in. Something that happened in Madison County will have a different value than something that happened in Hinds County. Generally, you see a much higher value in 18-wheeler cases, simply due to the increased damages that occur. We also see increased insurance policy limits and both of those contribute largely to the increased value of an 18-wheeler case.

What Are The Biggest Challenges I Will Face In An Accident Injury Claim Involving An 18-wheeler?

Insurance companies get their lawyers involved very quickly, especially when they think that it’s a serious case. The insurance companies are getting involved quickly and when they do that, they are automatically starting to channel the evidence in their direction. They are trying to move some of the responsibility and remove some of the blame, and that is not fair to you. You absolutely have to get an attorney on your side and start preserving what happened in your favor.

Do Trucking Companies Often Have Insurance Policies Beyond Their Mandatory Policy?

Large companies often have an umbrella policy. A lot of times, the load may be insured by one company, the trailer may be insured by another company, and the truck may be insured by yet another company. The driver may be insured by another company and the dispatcher may own their own insurance policy. There are likely multiple insurance policies involved in these cases.

If The Insurance Company Makes Me An Offer, Do I Have To Take It?

You do not have to take any offer. You have a right to a trial by jury in the state of Mississippi. Before you take any offers from an 18-wheeler company, call an attorney and let them review the offer. Get some kind of input on your side. Most attorneys offer a free consultation for these kinds of cases. It’s our job to put as much money as possible into your pocket and make the insurance company pay more.

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