Slip & Falls

Property owners in Mississippi are required to maintain a safe environment for those who are visiting their property. This law extends to homeowners, store and restaurant owners and those who operate any commercial property. Before a property owner can be held legally responsible for the injuries you suffered in a slip and fall accident, there must be proof they could have or should have known about the safety issue that caused the accident.


At The Franks Law Firm, PLLC, we have explained liability to numerous slip and fall victims. There are numerous examples of when someone cannot be held liable, for example, if you are walking into a commercial building and the person in front of you drops a bottle of water and you ultimately slip and fall in the puddle, the building owner is not responsible. This is because they had no way of knowing someone would spill water. However, if you are in a building and the staircase has a damaged step causing you to slip and fall, the owner could be liable for your injuries.

Our offices are in Ridgeland, MS and we provide personal injury law representation to clients across the state of Mississippi. If you suffered an injury that you believe could have been prevented had a property owner maintained their facility in accordance with normal standards, call us and let us evaluate your case. We can help you decide as to what steps to take next.

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