Mississippi Shoplifting Defense

Shoplifting is a serious charge in the State of Mississippi. Depending on the value of the goods allegedly shoplifted an individual may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony. If the value of the goods is less than $1,000, the charge will likely be a misdemeanor. The penalty for a misdemeanor Mississippi shoplifting charge is up to a $1,000 fine and a maximum of six months in jail.

Mississippi Shoplifting Defense Franks Law Firm

The Franks Law Firm, PLLC will represent you on your Mississippi shoplifting charges throughout Mississippi. That includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ridgeland, Mississippi (Municipal Court)
  • Madison, Mississippi (Municipal Court)
  • Madison County, Mississippi (Justice and CircuitCourt)
  • Pearl, Mississippi (Municipal Court)
  • Flowood, Mississippi (Municipal Court)
  • Brandon, Mississippi (Municipal Court)
  • Rankin County, Mississippi (Justice and Circuit Court)
  • Jackson, Mississippi (Municipal Court)
  • Raymond, Mississippi (Municipal Court)
  • Clinton, Mississippi (Municipal Court)
  • Hinds County, Mississippi (Justice and Circuit Court)

It is important to hire an experienced attorney to represent you for any shoplifting charges in Mississippi. If you were charged with shoplifting, give The Franks Law Firm, PLLC a call to discuss the legal defenses available to you. We only charge a $20 consultation fee to discuss the facts of your case and what your options are to resolve any shoplifting charges.

Check out the statute (97-23-93) here then select the MS CODE SITE.

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