Mississippi Felony Expungement

How can a criminal record impact your life?

At The Franks Law Firm, PLLC we appreciate how a criminal record can hold you back when you attempt to move forward with your life. This can make finding and getting a good job very hard. Employers now look over each and every individual’s background for many good positions these days. Even schools and universities run background checks on students now.

Additionally, you lose many rights when convicted of a felony. Among those rights is the right to bear arms.

A felony expungement may be the best option for someone not wishing for employers and schools to find out about a conviction. An expungement may also be a way to regain rights.

How can The Franks Law Firm, PLLC help?

If you were charged with certain felonies, The Franks Law Firm, PLLC may be able to obtain an expungement. What that does is essentially “erase” your criminal record. The arresting department will still maintain a file, but third parties, such as employers and schools will not be able to obtain records regarding your arrest.

What felonies can be expunged in Mississippi?
  • Mississippi Code Section 99-19-71(2) lists the six felonies which can be expunged.
  • Bad Check offense (Mississippi Code Section 97-19-55)
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance or Paraphernalia (Mississippi Code Section 41-29-139(c) or (d))
  • False Pretense (Mississippi Code Section 97-19-39)
  • Larceny (Mississippi Code Section 97-17-41)
  • Malicious Mischief (Mississippi Code Section 97-17-67)
  • Shoplifting (Mississippi Code Section 97-23-93)
How long do I have to wait to have a felony expunged?

The law says you must wait five years after you successfully complete all terms and conditions of any sentence imposed by the court to get a felony expungement.

How many felonies can I have expunged?

Generally, you are only eligible to have one felony expunged.

Does this apply to minors?

No. While a minor may have only one felony expunged, they are not limited to just the six identified above. Those who are under the age of 21 when the felony was committed may have any felony expunged so long as it is not a violent crime listed under Mississippi Code Section 97-3-2 and it is not one determined to be related to the distribution of a controlled substance. However, the determination of whether it is related to the distribution of a controlled substance is in the court’s discretion.

How much does a felony expungement cost?

The filing fee for an expungement is $150 plus attorney’s fees.

If you were charged or convicted of a felony in your past, contact The Franks Law Firm, PLLC below to discuss your options for only a $19.99 consultation fee. An expungement may be the option that puts you back on track and stops your past from holding you down.

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