Mississippi DUI Plea Deals

At What Point Will The Prosecutor Offer A Plea Deal In My DUI Case?

Generally, a prosecutor will not offer a plea deal until right before the trial. These prosecutors are dealing with 50 or 100 cases per week. You just don’t get on their radar until your trial is coming up in their files. For a first time DUI, they are generally going to look at something along the non-adjudication lines, as far as a plea deal. Oftentimes, I advise clients to go to trial. You only get one shot at non-adjudication and if you’ve got a really strong DUI case, I recommend a trial.

As far as a second DUI, there is not much to do, as far as a plea deal. The minimum jail time is five days and the maximum jail time is six months. All you can really plead out is the amount of the days and the fine, which can be up to $1,500. You are going to lose your license for one year and there is nothing that can be done about it. Ultimately, whether to take a plea deal is the client’s decision.

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