DUI Defense

Mississippi DUI Law

How Exactly Is A DUI Defined Under Mississippi State Law? In Mississippi, a DUI is defined in a couple of different ways. One type of DUI is a common law DUI, which means that the officer thinks that a person is impaired and operating a motor vehicle on the highways… Read More

Mississippi DUI Penalties

What Are The Penalties For A DUI Conviction In Mississippi? For a first-offense DUI in Mississippi with a regular driver’s license, there is a penalty of 48 hours in jail, a fine between $250 and $1,000, and a 120-day suspension of the driver’s license. The statutes pretty clearly disallow reductions… Read More

Mississippi DUI Counseling

Should I Voluntarily Start Counseling Before My First Court Date? If someone has received two or three DUIs and realize that they need help, then they should absolutely start counseling before their first court date. If someone has received their first DUI and doesn’t necessarily need help, then an evaluation… Read More

Driving After A Conviction In Mississippi

Will I Be Able To Drive After Being Arrested And Charged With A DUI? An individual should be able to drive for 30 days after being charged with a DUI and provided with the 30-day temporary license. In most cases, law enforcement afterwards will take the person’s physical license and… Read More

Mississippi DUI Defense

If you face DUI charges in Mississippi, you need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer. . We pride ourselves in providing high-quality criminal defense services to residents across the state of Mississippi. Our offices are based in Jackson, MS and we’re here to help you fight back against these charges. Innocent,… Read More

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