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Waiving Back Child Support In Mississippi
04.25.2017 IN: General Blog

Waiving back child support in Mississippi is nearly impossible. The child support payments vest in the child as they accrue. Those payments cannot be modified or forgiven – only paid. Recent Mississippi law held that child support payments could not be forgiven by agreement of the parties or order of… Read More

Mississippi New Home Warranty Act
03.29.2017 IN: General Blog

Did you know as the buyer of a new home you have certain warranties which come with the home? The Mississippi New Home Warranty Act protects homeowners. There are two different home warranties your new home comes with: a six-year warranty and a one year warranty. Six Year Home Warranty… Read More

Access To Court Undermined
03.08.2017 IN: General Blog

The House Judiciary Committee just passed a new bill what can only be defined as a direct attempt to stop Injury Victims form having their day in Court. The Bill, H.R. 985 is cleverly called the “Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act…Read Full Article. Source: Pepper & Odom, P.C.