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DUI Non-Adjudication In Mississippi
01.20.2020 IN: DUI Defense

Non-Adjudicating a DUI in Mississippi is a viable option for some people. Non-Adjudication means the court will withhold the adjudication of guilt and places an individual in a Non-Adjudication program conditioned upon completion of court-ordered requirements. There is a lot, however, that one must consider before pursuing this option. Do… Read More

DUI Refusal in Mississippi Requires Quick Action
09.16.2018 IN: DUI Defense

A DUI refusal in Mississippi can lead to a suspension of your driver’s license. Most people worry how long the State will suspend their license. Generally, the State will suspend your license for 90 days, but it can be for up to a year. What happens during the suspension process?… Read More

Helping Workers’ Compensation Clients Is A Real Privilege
07.24.2018 IN: DUI Defense

Helping workers’ compensation clients is a real privilege. Law firms serious about handling workers’ compensation claims are doing it because they want to, and not for the fame or fortune. Here are a few reasons why. People hurt on the job are in one of the most difficult financial stages… Read More

DUI Legal Limits And Prescription Drugs In Mississippi
01.16.2018 IN: DUI Defense

I got a DUI. Will they make me get treatment? Joey: If you plead guilty, or you are found guilty of a DUI first offense, second offense or third offense, you’ll most certainly attend MASEP class, a Mississippi alcohol rehabilitation class. That’s usually the most treatment the court will order. For… Read More

Will I Go To Jail For A DUI? Read On To Find Out More.
11.30.2017 IN: DUI Defense

Will I go to jail for a DUI? Joey: If you’re found guilty of a DUI first offense in Mississippi, you could be looking at up to 48 hours in jail. There are a couple of things where a Mississippi DUI Lawyer helps. First, if you’re successful at beating the DUI,… Read More

Am I Guilty?
11.27.2017 IN: DUI Defense

I Wasn’t Read My Rights. Am I Not Guilty? Joey: Absolutely not. The rights you’re referring to are your Miranda rights. In the movies they say, “You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. Anything you say can and will be used against you in… Read More

How Does A DUI Affect Me?
09.05.2017 IN: DUI Defense

How Does Having a DUI Affect Me? Joey: The main way I see DUIs affect people’s lives is with education and careers. Sometimes people want to get into advanced educational programs; nursing programs, physical therapy programs, pretty much anything medical or legal related. That can be a hurdle they have… Read More

What If I Have More Than One DUI Offense?
09.04.2017 IN: DUI Defense

What if I have more than one DUI offense? Joey: They will stack up against you and the penalties become more and more severe with each offense. You have your standard DUI first offense, which carries a minimum 48 hours in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. For the… Read More

When’s The Best Time To Hire A DUI Lawyer?
07.27.2017 IN: DUI Defense

When’s the Best Time to Hire a DUI Lawyer? Joey: As soon as you walk out of the jailhouse. That is the absolute best time to go ahead and select a DUI lawyer. Get online. Do some research. Find out who you think will be the best fit for you… Read More

DUI – What Offenses Can Be Filed?
07.10.2017 IN: DUI Defense

Joey, let’s say I’m pulled over for a DUI, what offenses can I be charged with? Joey: There are five DUI in Mississippi charges. You have the DUI refusal, which means you refused to take the test. You have a DUI first offense, which means this is your first offense DUI.… Read More