Helping Workers’ Compensation Clients Is A Real Privilege

07.24.2018 IN: DUI Defense
It’s amazing to get to hand injured workers’ the money they deserve.

It’s amazing to get to hand injured workers’ the money they deserve.

Helping workers’ compensation clients is a real privilege. Law firms serious about handling workers’ compensation claims are doing it because they want to, and not for the fame or fortune. Here are a few reasons why.

People hurt on the job are in one of the most difficult financial stages of their life.

Most workers’ compensation clients one or may two on the job injuries in their life. A few, really unlucky individuals, may have more than a couple injuries, but not many.

For those hurt on the job, they are only receiving two-thirds (2/3) of their gross pre-injury wages at maximum. Many workers take home less than two-thirds (2/3) of their gross pre-injury wages due to the cap on benefits being set at $487.04 for a 2018 injury. Therefore someone earning $600 before their injury would receive weekly benefits in the amount of $400, but someone earning $1,000 a week before their injury would only receive $487.04 in weekly benefits.

Nobody can afford to take a thirty-three percent (33%) pay cut, much less the fifty-one percent (51%) pay cut the second example above shows. It is imperative to get the weekly benefits for clients who are not receiving those benefits. While it isn’t full pay, it may be the only way they survive and many lawyers are not willing to take on that responsibility. The Franks Law Firm, however, gladly takes on that responsibility.

Workers’ compensation cases can last for years.

The purposes of workers’ compensation laws in Mississippi are to provide weekly benefits to injured worker, pay for all reasonable medical expenses, and to return the hurt worker to the workforce. This means that a case cannot generally resolve until a physician releases the worker back to work. That release may come with or without work restrictions.

What does this mean for a workers’ compensation client? Your case cannot settle unless a doctor releases you. An exception is if your claim is denied from the beginning by the employer and their insurance carrier. For severe injuries, that could mean lots of medical treatment. Everything that goes along with that treatment could last for years.

The good news is, the vast majority of cases resolve in six (6) to eight (8) months. Fortunately, only a small number of injured workers sustain such a serious injury.

No matter how long your case will last though, you need a law firm that will be there through the entire ordeal. That is too big of a commitment for many lawyers. At The Franks Law Firm, that is exactly the commitment we make to our clients every day.

We don’t do workers’ compensation for the big money.

In fact, that is why many lawyers don’t handle workers’ compensation cases. They are in it for the money. The Franks Law Firm acknowledges what a real privilege it is to be trusted by someone at their lowest point.

Attorney’s fees are capped generally at twenty-five percent (25%) of an injured workers’ recovery. The exception is when an appeal is taken to a higher court. In those cases, the fee may go to thirty-three percent (33%) of the hurt workers’ recovery. Compare that with anywhere from thirty-three percent (33%) to fifty percent (50%) for a car wreck! That’s a big difference. But at The Franks Law Firm, we focus on the real privilege of helping you and our community by helping you. Attorney Joey Franks and the staff at The Franks Law Firm come from blue collar working families. We want to help those same families working today.

Call a law firm that wants the real privilege of your business and helping you.

We are here to help you and your family through this. We want to represent you on your workers’ compensation case. Don’t go somewhere where you are just another number on another file. Come to The Franks Law Firm, where we don’t just want your business, but to help you get through this. And remember, it’s a real privilege for us to have your trust!

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